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Nicholas Barker Coaching

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I am a professionally accredited and certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and master at helping people move to where they want to be in life.


The work I do is life changing. If you have a dream, a goal, or just want to get unstuck from where you are right now then I can help.

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Recent Testimonials


“I have a well-developed and vociferous Inner Critic which gave rise over the years to an almost ever-present “Not Good Enough” and “Must Do Better” vibe. My life consisted largely of an exhausting upstream struggle driven by this: one in which I constantly sought validation and approval from others. Any criticism, negative feedback or perceived failure would result in feelings of worthlessness and recurrent episodes of depression.

Various self-help books and counselling/therapy sessions facilitated me in identifying and understanding this, but, sadly, did not make many significant in-roads into muting the Critic and giving me a more easeful life.

Just one session with Nicholas tapped into something deep in my sub-conscious and suddenly the Critic was muffled. What remained of her voice was now clothed in kinder and more compassionate tones.

I HIGHLY recommend Nicholas’s approach and expertise to anyone dealing with issues similar to those described above. He was able to pave the way for me to access my own sub-conscious: to lock down some unhelpful parts of it and to release something softer, kinder and full of hope and light.

I can imagine this approach being relevant and constructive in any less-than-satisfying areas in life. The sub-conscious is potent, yet elusive. Within it lies the power to change our lives, but often we need the help of someone like Nicholas to tap into this. Nicholas is approachable, intuitive, calm and wise and…WHAT HE DOES REALLY WORKS!!“

Theresa J

"I’ve just completed a 6-month Coaching Program with Nicholas and I have to say I am amazed and delighted with the results!
I have been aware for years that although I have addressed many situations and challenges in my life sometimes I would find myself enveloped in what I described to Nicholas as a deep sadness. I believed that this was possibly something that was part of me and that I would have to accept would happen from time to time. I used the metaphor of it feeling like being in a long dark tunnel which I couldn’t see the light at the end of… because of various life experiences we identified that stress was a trigger and that it was an old patterned conditioned response that on a subconscious level I had accepted was something that would remain a part of me.

We started with a 1 hour Skype session where Nicholas asked some very thought provoking questions…this alone was very powerful for me as it was something I had never brought out into the open before … this then resulted in what I can only describe as a journey of self discovery and as I opened up to the possibility of change I found myself facing new and unexpected challenges.

I felt Nicholas was there every step of the way to coach, guide and sometimes just listen through email’s, texts and Skype, and when our monthly session approached I found this gave me an incredible boost of motivation knowing he was there to cheer on and encourage my progress. The last session with Nicholas as we acknowledged how far I’d come felt amazingly liberating and emotional. Nicholas’s coaching skills and natural empathy makes him one of the most powerful coaches I have ever met and if you are looking for the ultimate coaching experience I highly recommend you choose Nicholas"


Nicholas has really aided me throughout the beginnings of my journey to change several parts of my life for the better. He has really encouraged me to look at things in a different light, enabling me to remove many of the obstacles I’ve put in my own way when it comes to my desire to change my career and re-address my work-life balance. I particularly love his suggestion to remove the word ‘should’ from my thought processes – I have always had a tendency to feel guilty about what I should or shouldn’t have done/be doing when actually this is having a very negative effect on my life!

Nicholas has helped me to realise that it is ok to do what I want rather than living my life according to what other people think I should do! It is in fact essential for my happiness and consequently my ability to have happy and healthy relationships with my family and friends.

I found Nicholas very easy to talk to, there is never any judgement – he has only encouraged me to be kinder to myself when things don’t quite go to plan. He has also helped me to deal with an emotional crutch which I feel I have relied on for much of my adult life – with Nicholas’s expertise I have been able to put this behind me and move on with my life in many exciting ways!

I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicholas - if you want to make changes in your life, however big or small, he will help you realise you can do it.

My Qualifications

Business and Personal Coaching

Associate Certified Coach ICF

Coaching for Parents and Families

NLP Practitioner

Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy