Nicholas Barker Coaching

Nicholas Barker Coaching

Realise your full potential


I am a professionally accredited and certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and master at helping people move to where they want to be in life.


The work I do is life changing. If you have a dream, a goal, or just want to get unstuck from where you are right now then I can help.

Get in touch by clicking on any of the above icons and schedule a totally free 30 minute call with me to discuss how I can help you.

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Recent Testimonials


The doctors wouldn't operate on my hernia unless I lost 2 stone. I went to Nicholas and we worked on the root causes of why I couldn't lose the weight. He used a combination of coaching techniques and hypnosis and it felt very supportive and focused on my individual situation. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was that changed, I just know that within 3 months I lost the 2 stone and had a successful operation! Better still the weight isn't going back on. I feel fantastic!

Charlotte D

Nicholas helped me conquer something which had held me back all my life - an anxiety and panic around staying overnight away from home. I can now control and eliminate any anxiety and have been on two holidays straight after just an hour's session with Nicholas. Thank you for your life-changing help Nicholas!


I had been a smoker for nearly 30 years and tried countless times to quit, using every method on the market including acupuncture, Alan Carr and sheer force of will and every time just got harder and harder. After one very quick session with Nicholas, all desire to smoke vanished!

It’s a strange and wonderful feeling, life has been very stressful lately and the urge to smoke is just not there! I can't thank him enough.

My Qualifications

Business and Personal Coaching

Associate Certified Coach ICF

Coaching for Parents and Families

NLP Practitioner

Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy