What will it cost? YOU decide!

Here’s how we work together:

1) You decide what change you want to make in your life

2) You decide what it's worth to you. Then you tell me what you would like to offer as ‘payment’ for that change to happen.

3) I simply accept your payment. I then offer you a 100% no quibble guarantee that you will get the change you want!

Want to know more?

Here are some ideas to help you.

The more specific you are about what you want the better. For example it could be a specific thought pattern, behaviour or target achievement.

Your 'payment' can be money, a gift, or a token of some kind. I don't mind. You just need to be truly comfortable with whatever you want to offer and commit to it, because it is your ‘buy in’ to see the change happen in your life.


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