About My Coaching

I believe that you are the expert of you. Even if you feel stuck, feel unable to see the direction or the next step, feel uninspired or worried or anxious…you truly are the expert of you and you have the answers, solutions and ideas within you to move forward to your desired goals and state in life.

All you need is a little help to unlock the processes which get you there. And that’s where I come in.

Most people don’t take the step you’re about to take. Most stay stuck. Most keep telling the same stuck story. Most will look back several years or months from now wishing they’d done something about it.

By choosing me as your coach, you are choosing to be exceptional. You are choosing time, space and care for yourself to unlock your true potential.

Why Choose Nicholas Barker Coaching?

I believe my approach is a unique blend of presence-based, conscious, mindful and incisive coaching which gets you to where you desire to be quicker and faster than anything else.

I believe that everyone who wants coaching, given the right environment of time and absolute attention and the space to evolve and tap into his or her true nature, realises the space within from which all solutions arise. The speed of the shifts and results you get with me as your coach in no way diminishes the quality of the end result.

You’re just more enlightened, more empowered, and more sure about your next steps in super quick time.

I'd love to help you!

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