I can’t recommend Nicholas enough. In just a handful of sessions he’s managed to completely change the way I feel in my day to day life. He’s managed to pull me out of the anxiety quicksand, something I don’t think I’d ever have managed alone.

I’d suffered from anxiety for many years without really realising it, but it had recently got much worse: to the point that taking my children swimming – something that should have been fun – left me imagining all kinds of disastrous consequences. I was constantly on edge and my family life was suffering because of it. I could feel that I was slipping into depression, so when a friend suggested I contact Nicholas I decided that I had nothing to lose. I’ll admit that I was a bit sceptical – I’d imagined having to sit and meditate with my eyes closed, something I’d tried via an app and which didn’t work for me, but Nicholas tailored his approach so it felt completely natural, not the forced mindfulness I had anticipated.

I cried through my first hour-long session, while Nicholas patiently listened and asked pertinent questions. A couple of days after my third session, I suddenly realised that I felt so much lighter. Nicholas had shown me a way of reversing my “spiral of anxiety”, but to be honest I’ve only had to use it a couple of times since. I truly don’t know how he’s done it, and it sounds clichéd, but he’s changed my life. Yes, I still worry about things but now it’s more of a detached thought, not the all-consuming panic that I experienced before. And, most importantly, I’m able to turn it off – something I was powerless to do before.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been in situations that would have had me in tears and anxious for the whole day (or longer), but which I’ve been able to cope with in the moment and also let go of straight afterwards. I took my children swimming, and only half way through the journey I realised that I’d not had one thought about us having an accident. My husband has noticed a dramatic difference at home, and my children behave so much better when I give them my full attention instead of allowing my mind to focus on other things.

If anyone is in two minds about getting in touch with Nicholas, I’d say do it! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain (another cliché – sorry, but it’s true!).